Anne Tardos

from "Considerations" (1999)


Avuncular proceeding
A bench harbors a seedling
Black as any crow
A mouse can be so slow
So gently, humbly bleeding


A seedling in trouble can safely hide under a bench and no bleeding mouse will bother it.


Flamingo catcher demon
The gimmick of a he-man
House arrest canary
A scimitar that's scary
This python is daydreamin'


The python's tendency to daydream is legendary.


Petticoat pessimist
Approbation optimist
Neorican duck's feet
Mud puppy mucksheet
Monte Carlo copper sleet


The pessimism of a petticoat can become immesurable sometimes.

The muck sheet of a mud puppy is a slightly soiled list of things for the mud puppy to do.


Self-stimulation Thursday
Sanctuary birthday
Quantum mechanize
Randomly spotted margay


Randomly spotted margays have been observed masturbating on Thursdays. Scientists have not been able to explain this behavior.


Morphological nitpicking venue
Rabbit hole vegetarian menu
Nimbus glory
Pokerfaced bunny mummy
And the loudest radio galaxy I ever knew


Bunny mummies have been spotted near radio galaxies. Scientists fail to understand the significance of this phenomenon. Their faces are expressionless and there appears to be a nimbus around their heads. The bunnies', not the scientists'.


Pool room exaggeration
Flammable glandular ablation
Zinc bar
Candle star
Stevedore stillbirth amplification


Everyone exaggerates once they're in a pool room.