Anne Tardos

A Flea

Eflee fahagee shamahah
Visibily smiley billie
Tibe tibe zoom

Hamanile vintree fenevedge king
Aftil she-ne-shem
Jelly-belly flantal sing

Shanny balmy agriculture
Fluorida kee-vahn-shag
Shaggy shaggy afterbirth

When we exit a room we make room
Walking distance après-vous resistance

Aber haben ancient bahben
Bahben since busy explanate

Domino grab a toe
Pinakothek djen-coo-yea

Quel tel minibel

Sulky tired wintry wooden
Sans souci galavala bay-cow
He-ah-buh, he-ah-buh, you need to know what that means.

Zendalendou hospital?
I'd rather die.